Lenny Fontana & Ridney feat. Larisa "Wait 4 You" (Ministry of Sound/Caus-N-ff-ct April 2008)
Germany Next Topmodell Compilation "Wait 4 You" Song (März 2008)
Lenny Fontana Presents Annbee "On And On" Odyssey (Production)
Lenny Fontana Presents Annbee "I'm Addicted" Odyssey (Production)
Lenny Fontana and Joi Cardwell "Make It Alright" Stalwart (Production)
Lenny Fontana Presents Octah'via "The Way" Defected (Production)
Lenny Fontana Presents Cassio "Your So Beautiful" Odyssey (Production)
Lenny Fontana Presents Carole Sylvan "EveryBody Say Yeah" Odyssey Records (production)
Lenny Fontana Presents Darryl D' Bonneau " Can We Do It" Odyssey Records (production)
Mass Production "Give It Up" Odyssey Records (production)
Lenny Fontana Presents Byron Stingily "Light My Fire" Odyssey Records (production)
Fontana Presents Darryl D' Bonneau "Pow Pow Pow" Strictly Rhythm/Warners Music (production)
Lenny Fontana and DJ Shorty "Chocolate Sensation" FFRR Records (production)
Powerhouse Featuring Duane Harden "What You Need" Defected Records (production)
Harvest "Spirit Of The Sun" Public Demand Records (production)
Barrio Boys "Latin Quarter" Distance Music (production)
The Exclusive Club "Touch And Go" Distanc Music (production)
Galaxy People "Mystical Journey" Clear Music NYC (production)
Stomp "Can You Feel It" Azuli Records (production)
Sistersoul "Wait Around" Slip N' Slide Records (production)
Tension "A Place Called Heaven" Azuli Records (production)
Tension feat Anthony Malloy "Luv Me Hold Me" Azuli (production)
Faith Hope and Spirit "Joy" Soulshine Records (production)
Mass Production "Set Me Free" Kult Records (production)
Carole Sylvan "Everything You Do" Kult Records (production)
Carole Sylvan "Come And Go With Me" Slip N' Slide Records (production)
Black Sun "Spread Love" Estereo Records (production)
Black Sun "Work To Do" Estereo Records (production)
Executive Club feat Freddy Turner "Thinkin About Your Love" Distance Records
Butch Quick "Higher" Strictly Rhythm (production)
First Class "Right Here Right Now" Big Bang Records (production)
Suzanne Palmer "Change is Coming" Twisted Records (production
Lenny Croft "Justify My Love" Azuli Records (remix)
Code Red "Come And Get It" Polydor Records (remix)
Crystal Waters "Nights In Egypt" Universal Records (remix)
Giorgio Moroder "Spring Affair" Caus n'FFct Records
SunKids Feat Chance "Rise Up" Decode / Yellorange (remix)
Cassio Ware "Funky People" Slip N' Slide Records (remix)
Cerrone "Supernature" Universal Records (Remix)
Stephanie Cooke "I Thank You" King Street Records (remix)
Shazz "Innerside" Distance Records (remix)
Supakings "Back And Forth" FFRR Records (remix)
Kings Of Tommorrow "Tear it Up" Distance Records (remix)
Michael Watford "You Got It" Azuli Records (remix)
JJ "Praise Him" Nervous Records (remix)
Tanya Louise "People" UMM (remix)
Westend "Man I Want U" RCA (Remix)
Westend "Love Rules" RCA Records (remix)
Soul Justice "Joy" Velocity Records (remix)
Club Culture "Dance" Big Bang Records (Remix)
Rosie Gaines "I Surrender" Big Bang Records (remix)
Ja'nell "I'm A Queen Yellorange Records (remix)
Deep Swing "I Am Somebody" Kult Records (Remix)
Hinda Hicks "If You Want Me" Island Records (remix)
Code Red "Can We Talk" Polydor (remix)
Do You Want To Go Back To When NuColours Polydor (remix)
B'Gee Hidden Talent Diffusion/AMPM Records (remix)
Peech Boys "Stay With Me" Freebass Records (remix)
The Rise "Love Is Serious" Multiply Records (remix)
Rebekah Ryan "You Lift Me Up" MCA Records (remix)
Studio 32 feat Mila "Show Your Feelings Inside" Kult Records (remix)
Jasper Street Company "A Feelin" Azuli Records (Remix)
Janet Rushmore "Try My Love" Dig it (Remix)
Mark Rogers "Love To Love You" Kult Records (remix)
Studio 32 feat Mila "Again" Kult Records (remix)
V.P.D. "Celebrate The World" Public Demand (remix)
Colonel Abrahms - Ultranate "Where Do We Go" Dig It Records (remix)
Bahamen "Dancin In The Moonlite" Atlantic Records (remix)
East Side Movement "Touch The Groove" King Street records (production)
Freeman "Everybody Dance" Perception Records (production)
LifeLine "Stompin In America" Azuli Records (production)
Lenny Fontana "Heavy Vybes" Nrk Sound Division (production)
Trouble Funk "Feelin Happy" Imperial Records (production)
Liquid "Got it Altogether" Defender Music (production)
Tension "Can You Feel It" Azuli Records (production)
Exit Left "Love So Deep" Bassline Records (production)
East Side Movement "Inner City" King Street (production)
Evolution "Atmosphere Strutt" Slip N' Slide (production)
Family Affair "Crystal World" Soundmen On Wax" (production)
Soul Sensation "Free Up Your Mind" Cutting Records (production)
Andricka Hall "I'll Give You Love" Soulshine Records (production)
Nemah "Stand Up and Believe" Perception (production)
Angee Blake "Reach For The Sky" Centerstage / Freebass (production)
Soul Corporation "Make It Happen" Cooltempo (production)
Tension "Mighty Love" Azuli Records (Production)
One Family "We Got Love" Public Demand (remix)
Mass Production "Volume 1" Kult Records (production)
Tonya Wynne "Here's My Love" Dig It" (production)
House Of Sound "Get Up" Release The Pressure (production)
Butch Quick "Under Pressure" Strictly Rhythm (production)
Tony Moss "I Got You" Partners Inc. (production)
Lenny Fontana "Black Jazz EP" Velvet City (production)
Fontasia "EP Vol 2" Bottomline (production)
Fontasia "EP Vol 1" Bottomline (production)
Project 4007 "It's Our Turn" Emotive Records (remix)
Lenny Fontana "Cloudburst" Emotive Records (production)
Double "I Miss You" Sony Records (remix)
Monica "All Eyes On Me" J Records (remix) Lenny Fontana "Beat This" Odyssey (Production)