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Flauschig - House Music (Lenny Fontana Remix)

House Music- A superb top underground house mix provided by Legendary NYC DJ Lenny Fontana of the strong track named House Music which was produced by the German production team Flauschig. It has that grooviness and deep log bass sound that will rock your dance floor. This will keep the crowd totally fired up as it is played in the main set.

Darren Sains & Dahsi - Come On Let´s Go (Lenny Fontana Remix)

"Come on Let's Go" is a song that celebrates that feeling of letting the music take control of your core via the means of Vinyl, celebrating the timeless value of the 45, the 12 inch, and EP. Long Island Producer Darren Sains makes his debut here on Karmic with a strong singer he collaborated with named Dashi.  A strong hook and great vocal is the recipe on this. To the bonus NYC House Legend Lenny Fontana adds a heavy hand in the remix to give it that twist. There is a little something for everyone. 

Oliver Gunning Feat. Dharshana - Outlines (Lenny Fontana Remix)

Oliver Gunning is a highly talented young DJ/Producer from Cornwall, UK.  It is hard to believe such inspiring melodies come from a 21 year old. He has collaborated with Spencerdare (aka Mimo) to create the track 'Outlines' that is a genuine work of art. With a lush silkiness,  the vocal talent of the Classical Indian trained Dharshana creates a truly unique sound. This wonderful combination of song and music is pure velvet magic. Up on the remix duties, Oliver requested that Legendary NYC DJ Producer Lenny Fontana would handle the task or remixing this great song and help bring that US House sound to the record. The combination of US and UK works like a charm. Its a powerful tune that demands your attention.

Jerk In The Box - Sugar (Lenny Fontana Remix)

Oh my Napoli and Milano are taking over the house world and there is a reason why.. Jerk In The Box.. the two producers dj’s Fernando Opera and Luca Onere. The vocals are a very happy summer sound for the Mediterranean beach clubs and discos. Fernando and Luca wanted Legend House DJ Producer Lenny Fontana to do the remix. Here Lenny lays down a funky bassline that is real catchy and right for those funky dance floors. Once again this package proves to be a hot house release for Karmic Power Records.

Daniele Sexxx feat. Paula P´Cay - Lift Me Up (Lenny Fontana Remix)

Lift Me Up is being played by DJ's who where serviced early on the Todd Terry's Remix and Lenny Fontana's Remix. The support on this gem has been overwhelming and we believe that this song has the makings of becoming a dance floor anthem. This is House Music at full effect. DJ Producer Daniel Sexx has been writing and producing house and hip hop since the 1990's with splendid success. With the help of Karmic Power he was able to team up with Romanian Born Vocalist Paula P'Cay from Berlin Germany. Paula has had commercial success with The Love Parade Anthem back in 1999 “Music Is The Key” Produced by Dr. Motte and Westbam. Her philosophy is, “Music is her life”, and she transports those strong feelings of Love and Happiness to the people through her vocal talent. So with “Lift Me Up” please play it loud and say it, so that the people can be lifted to whole other place. Thank You For Your Support on this.....

Elusiv3 - My Soul (Lenny Fontana Remix)

My Soul is a throwback to the 1990's house music scene with its swinging drums, piano and beautiful vocal which will have you singing. Karmic Power's very own Lenny Fontana lends his hand with his remix that will have you twirling around the dancefloor. Elusive3 as a producer gets some of his inspiration from artists such as MK and Dusky. Elusive3 will be the one to watch in the next 24 months. Remember when you play it say it Karmic Power Records.

Holy Deep - Puma Punku (Lenny Fontana Remix)

Holy Deep explores the mysteries of Puma Punku and the origins of House music from outer space. Inspired by the ancient megalithic structures, created this special e.p and take us to a journey throughout the most charming and unsolved mystery of nowadays. Great pads and natural sounds crafted with a phat bassline compose a unique Holy Deep style that will rock both your ears and your mind with their Ancient Deep & Tiwanaku lounge mixes. Included are the very deep Savvas mix, Lenny Fontana's mass appeal piano remix, Vinny Gruvhunter's peaktime floorfiller mix and Boyz Can Play darker vision of the project.

Jack Shakes - Only You (Lenny Fontana Remix)

Karmic Power Records have signed up Nottingham born producer Jack Shakes who has teamed up with soulful vocalist Yazmin to bring you a future summer sizzler 'Only You'. Taking influences from UK garage and bassline house, this piano, vocal and bass heavy track is bringing good vibes back to the dance floor. With an epic Original Mix and a monster of a mix from Lenny Fontana. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot more to come from Jack Shakes in 2014.







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